Which Holy Symbol Matches Your Personality?

Zoe Samuel

What does the quality of your work tell you about yourself?

What is the Achilles heel of your soul?

What is nature to you?

How strongly do you feel that other people are fundamentally honest?

What vista makes your mind go to a spiritual place?

How do you like to express yourself creatively?

How do you view the demands of the flesh as opposed to the demands of the soul?

What kind of books do you like to read?

What sound puts you into a spiritual mindset?

With what time period do you most closely identify?

Where do you go to get in touch with your spiritual side?

What is the meaning of rain?

What kind of work gives you the most satisfaction?

How do you connect with the spiritual on a daily basis?

With which philosophical idea about The Creator do you most closely align?

What do you think about governments created by mankind?

How should charity be given?

What does a storm symbolize to you?

Which of these events strikes the most fear in you?

When or where do you feel furthest from your god or gods?

What moves you more, words or pictures?

Why is spirituality important to you?

How much do you feel that all religions are interchangeable?

What is the highest spiritual perfection to which you aspire?

What old wound still stings?

What is dancing to you?

How often do you attend services?

To whom do you look for religious guidance?

What is the focus of your spiritual concerns?

If you could accomplish one of these great tasks, which would it be?

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Image: Pixabay by Johnhain

About This Quiz

Holy symbols are a large part of how we identify religions. The cross may be a symbol of one kind or another to many religions, but it is known primarily for its connection to Christianity. The six pointed star has a place in many religions around the world, but as the Star of David, it is a symbol most closely associated with Judaism. Even Islam, which eschews images even more than the other Abrahamic religions, calls the crescent its identifiable symbol.

Drill down into any religion though, and you will find deeper "mysteries" and the holy symbols that go with them. The Norse pagans called upon the runes to tell the future and to be a spiritual guide. The Greater Key of Solomon is a tome containing dozens of symbols, each containing other symbols, which some occultists believe can grant the user control over spirits, angels, and demons. Shamanic religions often use animals as symbols, calling upon their greater qualities at the appropriate times, like the foresight of the eagle, the strength of a bison, or the endurance of the wolf. Of course, where religion and philosophy meet, stranger symbols appear, like the yin-yang which represents how all things contain opposites, which themselves contain opposites.

Which of the holy symbols embodies your deeper personality quirks? Take this quiz to find out!

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