Which Honorable Bible Character Are You Most Like?

Zoe Samuel

How good are you at networking?

Would you speak your mind at work, even if it earned you a nasty nickname?

Are you willing to assert yourself even when society tells you that isn't acceptable?

What would prompt you to go out of your way to help someone?

How plugged into the surrounding culture are you?

With whom do you have your closest relationship?

How did you pay your dues?

When are you in your element?

When did you really bloom?

How consistent has your career been thus far?

What's the worst legal problem you've had to deal with?

What bump in the road has challenged your faith?

Who have you had to lock horns with in the course of your life?

What's the worst thing that happened to you?

Why have you been underestimated?

What line would you never cross?

How do you get along with your peer group?

Why have you had to move house from one location to another?

How much responsibility do you have at work?

How have you compromised your morals in the past?

Would you cast the first stone?

What would it take for you to beg for help?

How much do your beliefs align with those of your religious community?

How would you try to spread your faith?

How good is your word?

Would you offer to suffer along with a friend, if it came to that?

How often have you stood up for what is right even when it might cost you everything?

If you were told to do (or not do) something because it was the will of God, how likely is it that you would go against that command?

Did your mistakes leave a lasting impression on people?

How did you recover from the worst blow life dealt you?

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About This Quiz

The Bible contains some of the most famous characters described in the written word. Some of them may have been real people, while others may have been amalgams of real people or inventions inspired by something else. There are, of course, some very famous biblical figures everyone knows, but many of them may be difficult to see in oneself.

People who proudly proclaim they identify with Jesus and see themselves as a contemporary version of him, for example, aren't usually very normal people. On the other hand, there are some figures who one could point to as being like Jesus, but who are very much like ordinary people as well. Some of them are paragons, and some are deeply flawed, but we see ourselves in them all the time.

Are you curious about which honorable biblical character you are like? You're not alone. With so many biblical figures capable of disappointing us with their behavior, it's hard to find one we can really point to as honorable, and then with such a large number of characters in the Bible, it's hard to say which ones are like us because there is so much to learn both from the biblical text and the commentaries on it. Take this quiz, and we'll do all the hard work for you.

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