Which Horse Breed Reflects Your Personality?

Teresa McGlothlin

What would be your ranch job?

What would you feed a horse?

Would you ever ride bareback?

Would you rather wear a cowboy hat or cowboy boots?

What would you say to get a horse to stop moving?

Have you ever been to a horse race?

Which word would your boss use to describe you?

Do you believe in unicorns?

Are you a cat person or a dog person?

What is your favorite alternative to walking?

Are you a good driver?

Which famous horse do you know the most about?

Do you ever put the cart before the horse?

Which pony breed is the prettiest?

Which animal are you most like in the morning?

Which farm animal is most amusing?

Which dog breed do you like most?

What do you think horses dream about?

Would you rather have a pet zebra or a pet moose?

Would your friends describe you as friendly?

Which of your personality traits is the strongest?

Which sport do you prefer to watch?

Are you a healthy eater?

Are you a good swimmer?

Which kind of vehicle do you drive?

Which car do you like most?

If you were a horse, what kind of horse would you be?

Have you ever groomed a horse?

Which lucky charm do you think works best?

Would you make a good farmer?

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Image: Igor Ustynskyy/Moment/Getty Images

About This Quiz

Your personality is a unique set of traits and qualities that make you who you are. You can use many things to reflect yours, but we think figuring out which breed of horse you are most like will be the best way to sum you up. Whether you are a Thoroughbred or something else will be revealed. 

As we trot our way through this quiz, we will get to know all the ins and outs of the traits that make up your personality. We will also need to know about your experience with horses and the way you feel about a few other animals. Once we've seen the kind of personality you show the world every day, figuring out your matching horse breed will easy. 

You don't need any horse riding or grooming experience to have a horse breed that reflects your personality. All you need to do is read our question and choose the response you feel speaks with the most accuracy about you. After you've given us enough information to make an educated call, we will compare you with some of the world's best loved horses. 

Which horse represents you best? Jump through a few hurdles, and we'll tell you! 

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