Quiz: Which "House" Character Are You?
Which "House" Character Are You?
By: Teresa M.
Image: NBC

About This Quiz

Picture yourself wearing a pristine white lab coat and healing patients at the Plainsboro Teaching Hospital. You might think you know which "House" character you are most like, but there's only one diagnostic way to find out. Test your bedside manner with this quiz, and we will let you know if you are right. 

Starting in 2004 and airing for eight seasons on Fox, "House" quickly gained a following as large other medical dramas like "E.R." and "Grey's Anatomy." Centering around the expertise and madness of Dr. Gregory House, each physician shares a different approach to medicine and a different personality. Together, they form a care providing team audiences found as addictive as Dr. House finds his medications. 

Having the lives of others resting in their hands never proves an easy task for Dr. House and his team, and every episode shows the strengths and the vulnerabilities of each doctor. After you answer our probing questions, we are sure we'll be able to match you with the "House" character you are most like. Will you be kind like Wilson or cold and exacting like Cuddy? 

Let us diagnose your neurosis and your mad skills, and we'll tell you which "House" character you really are! 

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