Quiz: Which Hybrid Dog Breed Should You Adopt?
Which Hybrid Dog Breed Should You Adopt?
By: Mark Lichtenstein
Image: Shutterstock

About This Quiz

Sometimes one look into a dog’s eyes and you’re hooked. There is no other dog for you in the world but this one.

But if you’re not a purely emotional decision maker, you’ll want to consider some challenges your home or household may have adding a canine companion prior to finding that perfect pooch. For instance, if you have a small apartment and a large dog and no yard to exercise it, you may find your adopted puppy has behavior problems because of its lack of exercise and stimulation. If you have toddlers, a high-energy dog may knock them over when the doorbell rings because they are so excited to be the first at the door. And if you’ve had a dog or know people with dogs who constantly complain about daily vacuuming and sweeping due to shedding, you might want to find a dog that doesn’t shed.

Fortunately, there are hybrid dog breeds that give you the best of both breeds. So, if you have a small apartment or a small child, you may want a small breed that doesn’t shed, or may cause allergies in your family members. Then there are those people who want a big dog, so they feel safe jogging around town with a strong, powerful companion, one that is a protector yet gentle and cuddly with the entire family. Then there are people who want a companion that has high energy and can keep up with their pace and lifestyle (and will tire out the kids). There is a hybrid breed just for you, too. Take this quiz and learn more. Your cuddly canine is waiting.

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