Which Import Sports Car Should You Drive?

Teresa McGlothlin

What is most important to you in a sports car?

Which country makes the best cars?

Do you ever find yourself getting road rage?

Which American muscle car has the best design?

In one word, what was your first car like?

Do you wear driving gloves or sunglasses?

Can you change your own oil?

What kind of car did you last drive?

Do you prefer to drive an automatic or manual shift transmission?

How would you rate your automotive knowledge?

Which driving movie did you like the most?

Would you enjoy owning a pickup truck?

What's the best thing about owning a flashy sports car?

Do you watch a lot of NASCAR?

Would you ever stop to pick up a hitchhiker?

What do you like to listen to when you drive?

Have you ever received a speeding ticket?

How did you learn to drive?

Which automaker makes the sturdiest cars?

What kind of driver are you in rush hour traffic?

Would you say you have a racy personality?

Are you a fan of riding motorcycles?

Which luxury feature should your sports car have?

What kind of rims would your sports car have?

Where would you drive an imports sports car most often?

What kind of car did you take to prom?

How do you feel about electric-powered vehicles?

Where would you shop for the perfect sports car?

Could you go back and pass a driving test now?

Are you good at parallel parking?

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Image: Peepo / E+ / Getty Images

About This Quiz

Import sports cars are more than just great-looking cars; they are a status symbol. Put on a pair of driving gloves and lower your sunglasses. The way you handle yourself throughout this quiz will tell us which of the stylish and powerful import sports cars you should drive. It's as much about your driving personality as it is about your wallet. 

If you are a true car buff, many of your daydreams might be about driving the coastline in your very own Porsche 911. Are you sure it's the right import sports car for you, though? With classics like the Nissan Fairlady Z and more modern sports cars like Mazda MX Miata out there, you shouldn't rule out looking for the one that actually matches you the best instead of sticking to a certain idea of your ideal sports car. 

As you speed through our questions, try to dodge any answers that look more like potholes to you. Choose the lane that speaks the most about you, and we'll compare the things we've learned to a catalog of import sports cars. Once we find your match, we'll fill you in on the car that should fill up your dream board. Which one do you think it will be?

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