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Such a filthy mind. Test your knowledge of what is covered in filth and what is spick-and-span (or at least less covered in filth) when you take this quiz. Be prepared to carry hand sanitizer everywhere you go for days after you've completed it.

We've all heard that a dog's mouth is cleaner than a human's. Is it true?

OK, don't get too excited that their tongues might be a little cleaner in some ways. A dog probably won't pass along serious illness like staph or strep as humans can, but dogs do disgusting things with their tongues.

If you really want a rash, which body of water should you hop in?

Hot tubs for sure! Chlorine is good at keeping the dirty germs at bay, but it evaporates more quickly at hot tub temps. So enter the boiling soup if you'd like a skin malady.

How many Americans get sick every year from a foodborne illness?

Contaminated or germy foods cause one in six Americans to call in sick to work every year, which amounts to 48 million victims. (The real question is, how many people use foodborne illness as a fake excuse to call in sick to work?)

A National Sanitation Foundation study swabbed 14 places in 20 kitchens. What was on 100 percent of the items?

So it's not the worst fate in the world, but having yeast and mold on every single kitchen item we touch probably isn't great for allergies.

What nook was one of the germiest places in the kitchen in the NSF study?

Do you always remember to take apart the gasket and seal when cleaning the blender? Nobody else does either.

What is one place that the NSF found was NOT as dirty as suspected?

The microwave keys were assumed filthy by volunteers. But they didn't even crack the top 10 of germiest places.

What was cleaner than the spatula?

We can't say for sure if Fido is cleaner, but we do know that the spatula had more germs, when swabbed, than the can opener.

Which is cleanest?

Feel free to lick that pizza cutter clean after slicing your pie. Uh, then wash it. Because licking stuff really will make people ill.

What does the Hygiene Council recommend when it comes to laundry?

While it's not necessary to obsessively wash or sanitize, do try to be quick when getting those damp duds into the dryer.

What's a good strategy for decontaminating sponges?

Giving it a good, sanitizing heat or wash every other day is going to kill the nasty little guys your sponge has collected along the way.

Whose office is cleaner?

A University of Arizona study found that women's offices were twice as germy as men's. But a successive study conducted by researchers from San Diego State University and the University of Arizona found the opposite. The take-home for both sexes? Clean your office.

OK, well then who has cleaner hands?

University of Colorado researchers saw significantly more germs on women's hands than men's, according to a 2008 paper published in the journal Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences

What is one possible culprit for women-as-germier?

It might not help germ situations to use makeup or lotions; it's just more touching your face and spreading germs. (Also, we can't actually say women are generally germier, so no taunting on the playground.)

Whose workspace is the germiest?

This is practically a gimme! Teachers and day-care workers had desks and offices with six times more germs than anyone else.

What's one office area dirtier than your toilet?

According to a 2008 study, surfing the Internet for celebrity gossip is going to load you with more germs than tapping your fingers on the toilet.

Let's stick with toilets. What's another everyday item that's dirtier than your toilet?

A U.K. study found that one in five handbags contained enough bacteria to be considered a health risk. Stop stuffing your used tissues in it, folks.

We're on a roll. Name one more place that studies show is dirtier than the toilet.

Might want to hold that sucker away from your ear when you're making a call.

What did one study find did NOT help keep germ counts down at the gym?

Even when you give the elliptical a wipe-down, you're not getting a sterile workout.

What contaminated almost two-thirds of shopping cart handles in a 2007 study?

This is one little fact that might be hard to shake. Hunger strikes are not recommended, but we won't blame you if you want to wear your elbow-length gloves shopping from now on in order to avoid other people's fecal matter.

Methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus (the superbug MRSA) can live about four days on a toilet handle. Where can it live for seven days?

Isn't it weird how you always get sick after traveling? Uh, probably not. Use hand sanitizer on the plane.

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