Which Jane Austen Heroine Are You?

Zoe Samuel

How tactful are you?

How rich are you?

Do you give a lot to charity?

Would you marry someone your family didn't approve of?

Do you talk back to more powerful people?

How fashionable are you?

Do you find it easy to admit to a mistake?

Can you keep a secret?

Are you a gracious host?

Do you make people laugh?

At a dance, are you first on the floor?

How "accomplished" are you?

Do you worry about your old age?

Would you like to go to sea?

Do you challenge the status quo?

Do you get on with your siblings?

How's your relationship with your father?

How important is status to you?

Do you fall in love easily?

Do you leap to conclusions?

Do you have a lot of friends?

Have you ever moved house?

Do you love to write letters?

Do you love a man in uniform?

Do you trust good looks?

Do you take criticism well?

Do you care whether a man has money?

If you could get a job in those times, what job would it be?

Would you go to London for the season?

Do you love a picnic?

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Image: Columbia Pictures, BBC, Universal Pictures

About This Quiz

These days, a lot of adaptations really miss the mark about Jane Austen. They tend to treat her work like a jolly romantic comedy that has no comment to make on the society in which its writer lived; it merely presents amusing situations and characters and lets their lives play out.

 However, as the smartest adaptations clearly understand, Jane Austen was a satirist. She wrote searing critiques of the absurdities of the society she saw around herself - one in which she could barely scrape a living, and had to depend on the charity of a brother who was adopted out from her family to wealthy relatives.

As a result, Austen's heroines ran the gamut from the initially quiet and easily silenced Anne Elliot, who grows into her strengths no matter what society wants from her; to the vivacious but thoughtlessly privileged Emma Woodhouse, who learns about the responsibilities due for someone in her position; to the downtrodden but never silenced Elinor Dashwood, who won't betray a secret no matter the cost to her personally; and of course, to the fierce Elizabeth Bennet, who stands by her family and refuses to bow and scrape to those who deem themselves higher than her.

Which of these women are you most like? Let's find out!

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