Quiz: Which of Jesus' Disciples Matches Your Personality?
Which of Jesus' Disciples Matches Your Personality?
By: Khadija Leon
Image: James Tissot via Wiki Commons

About This Quiz

Jesus Christ had 12 disciples, also called apostles, who many call the foundation of faith in spreading the word. They each played an integral role and a few of them wrote chapters that eventually became part of the Bible. These men were ordinary people who responded to the call of Christ. They left everything they knew behind in order to follow Him and spread His word. 

Among the 12 men chosen by the Lord were Andrew, who was the first of the 12; his brother Peter, who is best known for denying Christ three times; and brothers James and John, the latter of whom wrote a large portion of the New Testament. The rest of the group consisted of Philip, Nathanael (also known as Bartholomew), Matthew (also known as Levi), James, Simon, Jude (also known as Thaddeus), Thomas, and Judas the betrayer. 

Which one of Jesus's 12 disciples are you most like? Are you most like one of your favorite disciples, or will you turn out to be one of the people who betrayed or lied to the Son of God? To find out which one you are most like, and in doing so, determine your fate, you should summon all of your faith and take this biblical quiz! 

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