Quiz: Which Johnny Cash Song Are You?
Which Johnny Cash Song Are You?
By: Brian Whitney
Image: YouTube

About This Quiz

Also known as The Man in Black, Johnny Cash is a musical legend! His sultry baritone helped to shape legions of musicians and artists to come. His soulful style of songwriting took the country music world by storm, and we know he wrote a song that could sum you up perfectly! You don't have to be a music aficionado to take this quiz, but you do need to answer from your heart. Johnny Cash sang from the heart, so it's only right that you should answer the same way. 

Whether you struggle with love like his famous "Ring of Fire," or you have the blues like you are in prison, we're confident that we can match the inner workings of your personality with one of his legendary songs. As you go through the quiz, you'll fill us in on your deepest desires and your quirks. From there, it will be a breeze to see which Johnny Cash song you would be - if you were a song, of course. 

Walk over to the turntable and throw on one of his records. The soundtrack to your questions will ensure you get into the right head space to choose the best answers for you! Are you ready to "Walk the Line"? 

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