Which Kardashian Are You Based on the Foods You Choose?

Haiden Steingass

If you go to a farmer's market, what's one food you always have to pick up?

What's your go-to flavor of creamer?

What would you top your mac 'n cheese with?

What dessert is your favorite?

What are your ideal pizza toppings?

Where do you get a good fast food burger?

What type of milk do you drink?

What kind of soup do you like the most?

What meat do you normally eat?

What's your ideal salad topping?

What fruit would you reach for first?

In what form do you like your carbs?

What would you choose as a salad dressing?

What do you eat for breakfast?

Which green food sounds most appetizing?

What's your go-to tortilla type?

How would you fill your quesadilla?

What's your favorite cook-out food?

What's your go-to cheese?

What is your favorite Thanksgiving food?

What type of salad sounds good?

What's your guilty pleasure?

What type of donut do you always go for?

What do you dip your chicken tenders in?

What is your favorite pasta?

How do you eat your ice cream?

What would you top a caramel apple with?

What's one snack that is always in your purse?

What kind of tacos are your favorite?

How do you like your eggs?

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Image: Bunim/Murray Productions

About This Quiz

The Kardashian family has been around for years now, and each and every one of them is a household name. They are known for their late father who was a well-known lawyer in the O.J. Simpson case, as well as Kim's sex tape, and the family's show "Keeping Up With The Kardashians." Most recently, the clan has ventured off into their own business endeavors. Kim runs a line of makeup called KKW Beauty, while Kylie sells her Kylie Lip Kits, and Kendall works as an uber-successful fashion model. 

Khloe is now a mom for the first time, and Kourtney focuses most of her time on her own family. Kris is the shepherd of the flock, having her hand in practically every project that her girls are involved in and has even been deemed their "mom-ager," rather than their manager. It's no secret the Kardashians are hard to keep up with, but one thing's for sure, everyone in the world wants to try.

Do you know what types of food the Kardashian ladies love? Tell us which foods you prefer, and we will match you with the family member that likes the same cuisine! Who knows, you might be the next Kim K! 

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