Quiz: Which Killer Beast Lives Within Your Soul?
Which Killer Beast Lives Within Your Soul?
By: Teresa M.
Image: Shutterstock

About This Quiz

Most of us don't walk around the world showing the killer beasts that live within our souls. We tend to save those moments for when they are really necessary. There's no point getting your inner Grizzly Bear out over parking spots at the grocery store, but some situations do require our killer beasts rear their ferocious heads. Share those situations with us, and we'll let you know which one we think you are harboring inside.

Throughout the quiz, we'll ask you some crazy questions. While most of them will relate to your reactions, your temper, and the things that really get your goat, many of them will ask you about your love and knowledge of Mother Nature's most vicious killers. Finding out what you find fascinating about them will help us to pair your feral instincts with the beast you are most like from time to time. You might not ever show it, but we know there's a growling, hungry predator living inside you. 

You might think you are as gentle as a lamb, but let someone take your lunch out of the work refrigerator, and we bet it's a whole new ball game. If you want to know for certain how to soothe your savage beast, you have to find out which one you're feeding. Stay in the know!

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