Which Law of Physics Do You Defy?

Zoe Samuel

What does it take for you to make your own gravy when things at work get dull?

How many business cards do you come away with, after a networking party?

This may sound a little philosophical. When faced with an immovable object, how do you adapt?

If you were dropped in the middle of the freezing wilderness without any tools or a map, what would you do?

What kind of vacations do you like to plan for yourself?

Look around yourself. How would you describe your friends, in relation to yourself?

Time to think about work. What sort of role do you play in the workplace?

When you go out to dinner with your family, what is the task you are always expected to perform?

Looking back to your childhood, what advice would the you of today give the you of your childhood?

Let's go deep into your psyche. What form does your career ambition take?

Time to feel a little uncomfortable. How do you react when you see two colleagues in a heated argument in the workplace?

Imagine yourself pushed to the point of exhaustion. How do you call upon a second wind?

Are you flexible about others' tastes in food?

Imagine you are the boss. What's your leadership style?

Not to get you down, but how do you handle failure?

This is a tough one: What's your blind spot?

Not to start one, but how do you handle cravings?

Let's talk turkey: How many vices do you have?

Let's get social here. How well can you code-switch?

When you daydream, what do you fantasize about?

Big picture: What stage of your career are you currently in?

Time for your soft side. How do you express tenderness?

When it comes time to learn a new skill, how do you go about your studies?

This one should be easy: How do you relax?

Review your school days for a moment. How do you feel about your performance as a student, now that you're an adult?

Not to get too technical, but how technically specialized is your job?

When confronted with a question to which you have no answer, how do you respond?

Not to pry, but which of these is most like your primary vice?

What's the last thing you do before you go to bed?

Which of these statements best sums up your philosophy about life?

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About This Quiz

Human beings have used the world around them as a metaphor for inner life since long before anyone codified the idea of "metaphor". To this day, people use animals, machines and forces of nature to describe how they feel, how they look, and how they make choices. As humanity became more advanced, we created more of our own world, learned ever deeper secrets about the universe and its inner workings and expanded the vocabulary from which we draw poetic imagery. There was once a time when scientists believed outer space was filled with a substance they called ether, and thus was born a new naming convention and metaphor.

Humans differentiate ourselves from all other creatures on this planet because we never leave well enough alone. Through study and focused observation, we learn the keys to the cosmos, and by sheer will we bend the so-called rules to our ends, defying nature as we traverse the skies in jets, plunge into the oceans in submarines, and process huge amounts of data with computer programs. The powers we exert on our surroundings are perhaps the most difficult for us to fathom since they allow us to break all the other existing rules. So which law of physics do you defy? Take this quiz and we'll tell you.

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