Which Leading Man Would Star in the Movie of Your Life?

Kennita Leon

Do you consider yourself to be a movie buff?

How often have you been to the movie theater in the past three months?

What kind of movies are your favorite?

Which of these trilogies would you spend an afternoon watching?

Who is the best actor of all time?

But which of these men are you most attracted to?

Speaking of attractive men, what feature on a man's face always makes your knees weak?

And what about his body?

Do you like a head of hair to run your fingers through or do you prefer it bald?

Let's talk height. How tall or short should he be?

Which of these qualities should he possess?

Ideally, which of these zodiac signs would he be?

What's the one thing a man can do to turn you off?

Does he need to be an amazing dresser?

Should he have movie-star good looks?

Now tell us about your life. How has it treated you so far?

What was your childhood like?

Did you have many friends?

What would your teachers say about you back then?

Which high school clique were you in?

What was your favorite class?

What kind of grades did you graduate with?

Did you go to college?

What was your first job?

What industry do you work in now?

Romantically speaking, what's been going on with you?

Do you have any children?

What do you wish you had more of?

How do you think the movie of your life will turn out?

How many stars will the critics give it?

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About This Quiz

Weren't movies first inspired by the lives of us human beings? Well, they've now evolved to include aliens, cowboys, dinosaurs and even mermaids. But none of the fictional (or are they) creatures matter; we want to see the movie of your life. Obviously, you'll be the one playing the lead role, because who knows you better than yourself? But who will the leading man be? This is what this quiz will answer for you today. 

Will somebody like Leonardo DiCaprio do the trick? Will Hollywood's resident bachelor be the one who sweeps you into his arms? Or will you need someone as hardcore as Denzel Washington who can chase all your fears away, literally? Should you take a chance on Robert Downey Jr? He can always pull out his Iron Man suit if something crazy happens. Or is laughter what you really need? Will Will Smith be the man who gets to star alongside you?

If you want to find out which of these actors you should hire and email the script to, then go ahead and get started on this quiz. We're pretty sure the movie of your life will be a blockbuster hit, with or without a leading man in it!

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