Quiz: Which League of Legends Team Should You Play For?
Which League of Legends Team Should You Play For?
By: Kennita Leon
Image: IMDB

About This Quiz

League of Legends is an online battle game that was published by Riot Games back in 2009. Teams play against each other to destroy the opposing team's nexus, an item that is at the center of each team's base and is protected by weapons and other defense systems. The game combines fantasy, a bit of horror and a bit of steampunk to make one of the most played multiplayer battle games on the internet.

Since 2009, the game has evolved and has created a competitive aspect where teams from different regions (Europe, North America etc.) battle in the League Championship Series. The top ten teams from each continent are chosen to go against each other and it culminates in the World Championship. To be the top team in a region is no easy task; it requires focus and dedication that not many people have. But the glory and prizes are quite worth it. If you were to compete in the championship series, who would you play the game with?

TSM, Cloud9 and Edward Gaming are just a few of the best, but which one would you fit in the best with? Take this quiz to find out which League of Legends team you'd be on. 

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