Which "Lord of the Rings" Villain Is Most Like Your Boss?

Zoe Samuel

Does your boss micromanage?

Is your boss willing to get their hands dirty?

How's your boss' temper?

Do people respect your boss?

Does your boss suffer from target fix?

Can your boss work well with others?

Is your boss smart?

Is your boss adaptable?

Does he look after his own?

Is she greedy?

Is he self-made?

Does she have style?

Was he always like this?

Is she intimidating?

Does he do business fairly with his equals?

Is he a good boss in any way?

Do you trust him?

Is he decisive?

Is she disruptive?

Is he good at his job?

Does he understand his industry well?

Is he obsessed with long hours?

How did he get the job?

Does she demand a lot?

How stable is he?

How does she treat people above her?

Are you basically desperate to get out?

What are his priorities for the company?

Does she set her employees against each other?

Does he communicate clearly?

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Image: Collage; Gollum, Witch King, Smaug

About This Quiz

We've all had the character-building experience of a really bad boss - but each bad boss is bad in their own special way. Which particular Tolkien villain does your bad boss most resemble?

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