Which "Lord of the Rings" Villain is Most Like Your Mother-in-Law?

Zoe Samuel

How respectable is your mother-in-law?

How's her temper?

Is she violent?

Does she have a silver tongue?

Is she kind?

Does she know how to keep up appearances?

Where does she live?

How does she dress?

Is she smart?

Is she thoughtful?

Does she scare people?

What sort of boss is she to her underlings?

Is she a good neighbor?

Is she prejudiced?

Does she know how to relax?

Is she rich?

Who does she respect or admire?

Does she have any principles?

Is she good at hiding her evil ways?

Do you trust her?

Does she like you?

Was she always like this?

Does she take responsibility for the bad things she does?

Is she a bully even among bullies?

Do you think she feels bad when she's mean?

How does she decorate?

What form does her cruelty take?

What weapon does she use?

Is she flexible?

Does she look after herself?

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Image: Collage; Bolg, Balrog, Grima

About This Quiz

While some people are blessed with a mother-in-law who is as brave, beautiful, wise, and kind as Galadriel herself, others have one who would be more at home at Barad-dûr. Which villain is yours most like?

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