Quiz: Which Lost Candy From the '70s Are You?
Which Lost Candy From the '70s Are You?
By: Brian Whitney
Image: Shutterstock

About This Quiz

Candy is awesome, no matter what decade you grew up in but anyone that was around in the 70's was all about candy. That was when Halloween was the real deal, and there were tons of kids cruising around all over the place, all of them trying to get as much candy as they could. And it wasn't just the amount of the candy that was important; it was the quality. Back then candy was not only bigger, but it tasted way better as well. 

But times change, and these days things are not quite the same in the candy world. For one thing, everyone is so interested in being healthy that kids don't eat nearly as much candy as they used to, and for another, over time some businesses and products fail, even if they are businesses that sell caramel and chocolate goodness. As a result of all that, some of the most remarkable '70s candy is gone forever, never to be hoarded or tasted again. Which is a drag because seriously? Some of that stuff was amazing. The only thing we have left is to remember the candy of days gone by, and the best way of doing that is taking that quiz. And eating candy.

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