Which Love Actually Character Are You?

Artimis Charvet

Are you looking forward to the Holidays?

Where would you like to spend Christmas?

Who do you want to spend Christmas with?

Which of the following would you like to find under the Christmas Tree?

Are you Naughty or Nice?

How many times have you re-gifted?

Pick a Christmas song:

Pick a festive treat:

Which is your preferred Christmas film?

How would your friends describe you?

Love is....

What's one of your most attractive attributes?

What's one of your greatest fears?

What do you least like about Christmas?

Favorite winter activity?

What will you put on top of your tree?

Do you prefer to give or receive?

What holiday scent do you like most?

Which carol do you most like to sing?

When do you open presents?

Where do you put up the tree?

What's your attitude about kids?

Wrapping paper or gift bags?

What flavor hard candy do you like?

Are you a happy person?

What is your favorite winter accessory?

What sort of Christmas light display do you like?

You see a guy and feel an instantaneous attraction. What do you do?

Where would you like to spend the holidays?

When depressed, what do you do?

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About This Quiz

When you look at people walking down your street, you may not think you’re linked to them in any way. But the movie "Love Actually" shows how our lives revolve directly and indirectly around so many different people. With ten different stories overlapping throughout the movie, you may have also spotted qualities in yourself that are similar to those of the main characters. 

If "Love Actually" was one of your favorite movies, now is the time to find out which multi-dimensional character you could’ve played by taking this quiz. 

The most powerful theme that runs through the movie is that love, actually, is what unites of all. The unrequited, the deepening, the love-at-first-sight romance, is what drives many of us. In this quiz, we will provide questions that reveal your personality and unique traits then match the answers to one of the characters that describe you best. 

Do you see yourself as the rational, loyal, and decisive Daniel? The caring, responsible, and charming Karen? Or the outgoing, sociable, and free-spirited Billy? You may be surprised when you find out who you are most like, and what motivates you. Don’t wait to find out. Click the button below to start the quiz.

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