Which Luxury Brand Are You?

Kennita Leon

Do you have expensive taste?

Would you say that you're high maintenance?

What look do you usually go for?

What kind of things do you prefer to wear?

Which of the following would you not be caught dead wearing?

If you had to own something from one of these luxury brands, which would you choose?

Which designer makes the best perfumes and colognes?

What's the most expensive thing in your wardrobe?

Which fabric feels the best against your skin?

And what pattern would you wear every day of the week?

How long would it take you to save up for $3,000 shoes?

Would you ever buy $3,000 shoes?

Which award show are you most likely to get invited to?

Who would you bring with you?

What are the blogs likely to say about your look the next morning?

And how much would you care about what they said?

For which of the following reasons are you most likely to be in debt?

In which one of these luxe cities would you love to vacation in?

In which hotel chain would you love to stay?

What's the one feature you'd want in your hotel room?

What are you most likely to have for breakfast?

And what about the drink?

It's your birthday, what gift would you love to get?

What would you say your spirit animal is?

What's your favorite day of the week?

Which social media platform would you chronicle your life on?

About how many friends or followers would you say you have on social media?

Do you have many friends in real life?

How do these friends describe you?

What would your dream job be?

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About This Quiz

Oh, to be a luxury brand! People around the world know your name and many of them aspire to have you in their wardrobe. They all have hefty price tags, but which one are you?

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