Which Magical Element Do You Wield?

Talin Vartanian

Which of these spirit animals is your personality similar to?

What lies within your inner soul the most: light or darkness?

Do you have full control over your feelings and emotions?

Is it possible that you may have secret psychic abilities?

Can you emotionally connect with other people in life?

Would you describe your sense of intelligence as more logical or creative?

Where does your inner strength come from for you?

Is it more important to lead a life of success, happiness or balance?

What is your biggest source of motivation in life?

Can other people trust you to keep their secrets?

True or false: You have a strong sense of curiosity for the world around you.

What % independent are you in your life?

Are you constantly striving for success in your life?

How often do you tend to change your mind about things?

The friends in your social circle can be best described as ...

How much of a procrastinator are you when it comes to difficult tasks?

Which one are you more similar to: order or chaos?

Do you personally believe in never giving up in life?

On a scale of 1-5, how much of a perfectionist are you?

True or false: You feel uneasy when you don't have control over something in life.

What do other people really think of your humor?

Do you find that other people often come to you for advice?

What is the biggest thing that is holding you back in life?

Is it important to be honest and straightforward about your thoughts?

The one adjective that describes your personality would be ...

Where would someone most likely find you at a party?

Should life really be viewed in an optimistic sort of way?

Is it better to live a life of extravagance or minimalism?

Do you ever think about life in a philosophical way?

Does magic really exist in this world or is it all just a fairy tale?

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About This Quiz

Magic takes many forms within our world, be it superpowers, karma or good and bad luck. But Mother Nature also holds the key to certain types of magic, namely, some of the well-known magical elements of our world. If you don't know what they are, then let's take a look at some of them now!
If you have an "electric" personality, then perhaps some lightning magic lies within your inner soul. While lightning can be a sign of destruction, it also means that a person is ferocious, powerful and strong in life. But if you're a little more resilient about your goals, then maybe you wield the metal element. You may seek to live a life of balance, and nothing would break your strong willpower due to your perseverance and discipline. Now if you're a little more dark, unique and mysterious, then maybe you secretly hold some shadow magic in your soul. While this doesn't necessarily mean "evil," the shadow element may mean that a person is misunderstood by others. This could lead to a life of solitude, despite the person's strong sense of intelligence. So if you're curious about which magical element you wield, then it's time to take our mysterious quiz now!

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