Quiz: Which Major City Does Your Soulmate Live In?
Which Major City Does Your Soulmate Live In?
By: Teresa M.
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About This Quiz

You've been waiting your whole life for a true soulmate, but they don't seem to be anywhere in sight. What can you do? You can end the mystery with this quiz! Once we learn about your personality, the things you want in a relationship, and the kind of person your soulmate needs to be, we can tell you exactly which major city they can be found living in!

As we help you find your soulmate's location, we need to get to know your expectations the best we can. Your life view and your life experiences all come into play when it comes to having a soulmate. 

Your soulmate should not only be your counterbalance, but they should also spur you on to loftier heights in life. In turn, you need a soulmate that makes you want the same for them. You could spend thousands of dollars flying from city to city hoping to meet your soulmate by chance, or you could simply tell us the response that suits you best. 

Channel all the good vibes you can muster, and picture your soulmate in your mind. Finding your soulmate is as easy as quizzing along! Get ready to find the love of your life! 

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