Which Major European City Are You Destined to Live In?

Brian Whitney

How much do you like to party?

Where would you most like to be on a Friday night?

How modest to you tend to be?

How long does it take you to get ready to go out?

Are you in favor of legalized marijuana?

Do you like to follow rules?

How outspoken are you?

Do you consider yourself romantic?

What is most important to you?

Are you into art?

Do your friends call you loyal?

How energetic are you?

Are you a flirt?

How are you at keeping secrets?

What would be the first thing you did in your new city?

How into soccer are you?

Your best friend just insulted you, what do you do?

You are in class and your teacher disagrees with you on a major point, how do you handle it?

What would one word be to describe you?

What would you do on a long weekend at home?

What thing would you want to be?

Where would you most like to go in NYC?

How much do you usually spend on dinner out for two?

What would you look at longest?

What kind of book would you read?

Do you care much about fashion?

Do you have the gift of gab?

Do people think you are rude?

Could you be happy single?

What would be the worst thing about living alone in cabin in the woods for a month?

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About This Quiz

When one is an American, the great cities of Europe are hard to resist dreaming about. How romantic would it be to leave your life behind and start all over in Europe?  While we Americans live in a great country, America doesn't have nearly as much of a history, and as much diversity as the cities of Europe. But where to start? It isn't easy to plan a trip to Europe, it can be intimidating trying to figure out what you would enjoy and where you would fit in the most, what language people speak, what you could eat, and it is even more complicated if you were to think about moving there.

But one thing is for sure; whether it be Paris, Rome, Amsterdam, or Prague,  there is a European city out there that is calling your name, that may even be your destiny. All of the cities in Europe are different as far as what they have to offer in food, nightlife, history, and culture, and economic structure: some towns are a more high class, some are working class, some are impoverished.  There are towns known for great works of art, while others are known for fabulous architecture. How would you possibly know where to go? Well, you would have to take this quiz to find out.

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