Quiz: Which Marvel Heroine Are You?
Which Marvel Heroine Are You?
By: Khadija L.
Image: Youtube

About This Quiz

Every comic book universe is filled with heroes, heroines, and villains, some of whom we have been following from the time that they appeared in the books to their progression onto the television and big screen. For decades, the heroes have been the favorites of many, not only because they received more but also because there weren't many females who had roles other than love interests or assistants. 

When it comes to the Marvel universe, the same thing can be said as girls didn't play a central role until the 1970's. Sometime throughout the 1940's, characters like Golden Girl and Namora made their debut, and although many people don't know who they are, they were the first, and they were the ones who paved the way for the strong females that we know and love today.

Some of the most popular heroines from the Marvel franchise includes Rogue, Black Widow, Captain Marvel (Carol Danvers), She-Hulk, Jean Grey, Invisible Woman, Storm, Psylocke, Miss America, Gamora and Kitty Pride.

Which of the Marvel heroines are you most like? Will it be someone from your favorite comic book series or will it be sone who you've never paid much attention to? If you would like to find out who it is, then you should take this quiz!

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