Quiz: Which Marvel Villain Is Your Drill Sergeant?
Which Marvel Villain Is Your Drill Sergeant?
By: Zoe Samuel
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About This Quiz

If you want to serve your country, you're in good company. Every year, thousands of Americans sign up for basic training and schlep themselves off to a military base. There, they go through weeks of drilling, lectures, and lessons. The goal of this process is partly to weed out the weaklings.

The military doesn't want people in its ranks who are going to snap whenever things get difficult. They have to put trainees through what can be really intense and borderline abusive instruction to sort the wheat from the chaff. That's part of the purpose behind "Hell Week," a period of almost zero sleep and an awful lot of yelling, marching, and trying to do things properly while exhausted and discombobulated.

However, the process also has another, equally important goal: they want to make those who survive to the end to take their oath into the very best soldiers they can be. That means they have to be physically and mentally tough. They have to be at peak physical fitness, able to perform dozens of push-ups, multiple pull-ups, and get over that gnarly six-foot wall with its total lack of anything to hold onto.

Who's going to get you there? Your drill sergeant. So tell us about them, and we'll see who they really are under all that khaki.

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