Which Matchbox Car Should You Drive?

Tori Highley

When playing pretend house as a child, which role did you play?

Which book series did you read as a kid?

What career would you switch to right now if money were not a factor?

Which movie are you looking forward to seeing in theater this month?

What do you play when your friends visit?

Which artist do you sing your heart out with?

What is your order at the bar?

Which board game did you wear out as a kid?

What picture book did your parents have to read you every night?

Which action movies were your favorite as a kid?

Which cereal did you eat for breakfast as a kid?

How many cylinders does your current car's engine have?

What did you do when your mother kicked you outside to play?

Which dinner was your favorite as a kid?

Which outdoor toy is your go-to gift for children?

Which brand of sneakers do you prefer?

Which fast food did you ask your parents for?

What do you have hanging from your rear view mirror?

What do you want to treat yourself with for your birthday?

Which social media platform is your favorite for posting your pictures?

Which family pet do want for your home right now?

What kind of car do you drive right now?

What was your after school snack growing up?

Which video game resonates with you the most?

What kind of clothes did you wear as a kid?

Which comfort item did you tote around for the first years of your life?

How often do you talk to your mother?

How often do you call in to work sick?

Which band are you going to blast in your matchbox car?

Do you enjoy driving?

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About This Quiz

Do you remember being a little kid, running those matchbox cars over the back of the couch and up the refrigerator door? Find out which matchbox car you should actually drive now that you have grown up!

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