Which Medieval Sword Should You Wield?

Zoe Samuel

How important are results?

What profession would you want if you were living in the middle ages?

Do you feel strongly about your opponents in life?

How adaptable are you?

Which medieval government would you least object to?

How important is beauty?

How lazy are you?

How much do you mind the cold?

How much time are you willing to spend in classes?

What is your vice of choice?

Do you mind why you fight?

Do you see yourself as an elite?

How far are you willing to travel for work?

Do you prefer to be alone or part of a team?

How much do you enjoy high culture?

How much do you worry you might actually experience real danger?

How much do you love your job?

How efficient are you?

Would you seek laurels only to rest on them?

Do you like cute nicknames?

How desperate are your struggles?

What would your goal be, if you hired a personal trainer?

What medieval war interests you the most?

What medieval profession interests you the most?

Which medieval city would you most want to live in?

Which cultural achievement of the middle ages is your favorite?

Which medieval historical figure do you find most fascinating?

What is the most important virtue of a medieval king?

Do you believe in witches?

Would you join a Crusade?

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Image: Colin Anderson/Photographer's Choice RF/Getty Images

About This Quiz

The phrase "medieval sword" brings to mind many images. All of those images are legitimate, but none can hold the claim to the "most medieval" because the period contains a broad swathe of specialist weaponry designed for different purposes in different wars fought by different nations for different reasons in different climates. A sword designed for unarmored dueling would do little good in the battles fought during The Second Crusade.

What sort of person are you? Do you see yourself as someone stalking the streets of an Italian city, where wearing a sword was forbidden, and any such weapon would need to be concealed? Or do you see yourself on the battlefield, a Swiss mercenary fighting for whoever pays you the most? Are you an elite duelist who sees fighting more as a sport than as a way to make a living? Or do you feel a kinship with the Viking north-men, plundering, murdering, and worse in their raiding trips to the south? Do you see yourself serving a greater purpose as a king's bodyguard, or as an assassin climbing into a castle keep to fulfill a contract?

Take a few minutes to answer some questions for us and we will tell you exactly what medieval sword you should wield!

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