Quiz: Which Miyazaki Tattoo Should You Get?
Which Miyazaki Tattoo Should You Get?
By: Geoff Hoppe
Image: Lone Wolf By Youtube

About This Quiz

If you've clicked on this quiz, you're probably a fan of the world, and worlds, of Hayao Miyazaki. You've been on board since Castle of Cagliostro, and every time a new trailer hits the internet, you're all over it like soot sprites on a chance to shirk their duties. You're so much a fan, in fact, that you're thinking of getting ink done. 

But what Studio Ghibli character is right for you? Which one are you enough like, to put on your body for decades? A tattoo's a lifelong choice, and if you want to declare your allegiance to Japan's greatest anime studio, it takes some serious thought beforehand. 

Good luck for you, then, that you've clicked on this quiz! We'll guide you through questions that will help us figure out your personality, and who your Miyazaki spirit animal (or spirit human...or pig human...or catbus) really is. That tattoo will be around a long time, so it's important that you find the right character to pair up with.

So take to the skies-- on a dragon's back or in a seaplane - and test yourself to see what your perfect MIyazaki tattoo really is!

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