In Which Modern Combat Theater Would You Best Serve Your Country?

Zoe Samuel

What weather do you like?

What's your top skill?

Which enemy of America do you dislike most?

Do you like the ocean?

What service do you want to be in?

How do you express your rage?

In what way are you strong?

Which weapon are you best with?

Do you know the rules of engagement?

Are you good with computers?

Can you take an order?

Which war do you wish you could have been in?

Which movie do you wish the military was really like?

Which war movie is the military actually like?

What injury are you OK with getting?

Did you secretly join up so you could kill people?

Should killer robots be legal?

Do you play a lot of videogames?

What language do you want to be paid to learn?

Where do you want to take leave?

Would you go nuts on a submarine?

Which of these foods do you like best?

What sounds lull you nicely to sleep?

What disease do you not fear?

Where will you get a unit tattoo?

Do you think the military is too big?

Which American ally is the most trustworthy?

How big a time change is too big to call home?

From the perspective of military strategy only, which friend of America do you think should become a US state?

Could you face an enemy with no uniform?

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Image: Chris Clor/Blend Images/Getty Images

About This Quiz

Unfortunately, the world has never really been at peace - and on current trends, it very well may not be for some time. That means that there are powers that are unable ever to lay down their arms and maintain mighty armies in all quadrants of the world. 

Where China's sphere of influence meets America's, you see bases all over the South Pacific and submarines (allegedly) hanging out under the South China Sea. In the Middle East, where multiple countries local interests clash with the interests of China, Russia, Europe, America, and all of the Arab nations and Iran, there are bases, aircraft carriers, and forward troops deployed on the ground. In the Arctic, where Russia and America face one another amid growing enmity, fighter jets encroach on sovereign airspace with alarming frequency.

Meanwhile, the most powerful entities in all the fight are perhaps those who never leave their home countries; the codebreakers, hackers, and psyops (psychological operations) departments of the National Security Agency and its counterparts abroad. These formidable warriors sit behind keyboards and secure our air traffic control systems, our banks, and our digital borders. They are one major reason that when you go to the ATM to get $20; it actually gives it to you, and then that $20 is actually still worth, well, $20.

Where do you fit into all of this? Let's find out!

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