Which Monet Painting Best Reflects Your Soul?

Emily Maggrett

Today, you're picnicking in the park. What delicacies do you pack in your basket?

You're visiting a French perfume store. Which scent do you buy?

Which of these lines of poetry do you relate to the most?

You're at the flower shop. Which of these bouquets do you pick?

You're vacationing in the Swiss Alps. A friend says there's an amazing party nearby, but you'll have to snowshoe for five miles to get there. What do you say?

When you read the news, what kind of stories disturb you the most?

What's the most romantic classical music piece in the world?

Recently, you've made a new friend who often tells you their personal secrets. How do you respond when he does this?

On a scale of 1 to Idris Elba, how intense are you?

Let's say your coworker keeps showing up to work with bad colds or flus, which the whole office eventually catches. How do you deal with her?

What makes you feel guilty?

You go on vacation to Cabo. Turns out that your boyfriend reserved your hotel without checking its reviews and it's totally filthy. Even worse, the scuba diving company has canceled your reservation. How do you deal?

If you bought a home with a yard, which trees would you hope surrounded it?

Someone rings you and offers you an interview for a well-paid job. You already have a decent job. What do you do?

Which of these words makes you shudder?

Let's say you're given a time machine. Which of these scenarios will you choose to experience?

Do you have a secret superpower? What is it?

Besides Monet, what other artists do you love?

If you were to go on a long hike in order to heal your sorrows, where would you go?

Which of these common sayings is the most annoying?

You're asked to take a series of photos of a place or thing that you particularly love. What does your series focus on?

What DON'T you talk about with your mother?

If you could be married to any of Marilyn Monroe's former partners, which one would you pick?

Which of these images sounds the most beautiful to you?

You find out you're getting fired. How do you soothe your soul?

A Scorpio asks you to backpack through Europe with him. What do you say?

A tiny dog wants to be your best friend. Do you accept him?

What's the best way to enjoy potatoes?

In relationships, do you love too hard?

Which quote matches your philosophy best?

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Image: Claude Monet / The Yorck Project via WikiCommons

About This Quiz

A major Impressionist figure, Claude Monet's paintings still appear fresh today because of their revolutionary treatment of light on various objects, including water, architecture and flowers. Obsessed with how mist and smoke affect visibility and devoted to color and form over realism, Monet's paintings often verge on being abstract, which contributes to their modern feel. Monet himself once said, "I like to paint as a bird sings," and it's easy to see that naturalism across all of his work, whether he's painting a cathedral or his own garden at Giverny. 

If you're a Monet lover, you've probably wondered why some of his pieces speak so strongly to you. Or perhaps you're new to Monet but feel drawn to his aesthetic. In this quiz, we're going to find out which stunning Monet painting reflects your soul by asking you all about your loves, hates, passions and preferences. Through these questions, we hope to build a psychological profile for you so that we can show you a Monet that your soul will find utterly uplifting!

Are you ready to explore your own emotional landscape through Monet's extraordinary work? Put on your fuzziest slippers, brew up a mug of peppermint tea and come play this quiz!

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