Quiz: Which Motorcycle Best Fits Your Personality?
Which Motorcycle Best Fits Your Personality?
By: Brian Whitney
Image: Shutterstock

About This Quiz

When one thinks of a motorcycle, there are a few things that come to mind pretty much right away. Bikes embody being cool, going fast, being free and also are just a bit dangerous. But while there are a lot of things that all motorcycles have in common, there are just as many differences in their vibe. You can say that you have the personality of someone that rides a motorcycle, but what does that even mean?

Do you have a personality that is impulsive, has a need for speed and likes to live on the wild side? Are you the kind of person that likes the thought of a motorcycle but what appeals to you is a long leisurely drive with friends in relative comfort? 

When you watch 'Sons of Anarchy,' do you start fantasizing about rocking some really cool facial hair and committing some petty crimes? Don't worry; we won't tell anyone. Or maybe what you think might be the most fun on a motorcycle is to get off in the woods on a trail and totally rip it up! 

There are so many personalities in this world, and there is a motorcycle to suit each one. Well, all the cool ones that is. Take this quiz to find out which motorcycle fits your personality the best. 

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