Quiz: Which Motorcycle Style Describes You?
Which Motorcycle Style Describes You?
By: Teresa M.
Image: WikiCommons

About This Quiz

Do you like to ride long and low, or do you prefer to move high and fast? The way you ride, and the motorcycle you keep in your garage says a lot about you as a person. Don't agree? Answer the following 30 questions - we bet we can match your motorcycle style to your personality.

We've posited the theory that everyone is like a motorcycle. You're either a classic, laid back, eager to roll or a free spirit. And, each of these personalities describes either a chopper, cruiser, sport, or adventure motorcycle. Look, we don't make this stuff up; it's based on actual research (OK, not really, we did make it up, but it's definitely fun). Consider the classic chopper. Many of them are one of a kind; customized to the point where the rider and the motorcycle are one and the same. A chopper, like the individual who rides one, is not afraid to highlight his or her individuality - in fact, they take pride in avoiding the usual in favor of the unique. Does this describe you? Are you a chopper? Or are you one of the other motorcycle styles? Let's find out.

Take this quiz now to find out which motorcycle style describes you.

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