Which Mountain should you climb?

By: Tori Highley

How experienced in mountain climbing are you?

Which element of the nature do you feel most connected to?

What is your favorite hiking snack?

Who you most enjoy hiking with?

Which animal are you most excited to see in the wild?

Which hot drink can you not survive the trail without?

Which place would you choose as a campsite?

Would you be willing to take a snow sample for scientists if asked?

Did you pick a career that involves you in the outdoors?

Which backpacking dinner is most appealing to you?

What is your favorite outdoor water activity?

Where do you most enjoy sitting fireside?

How will you share the pictures of your mountain adventure?

How frequently do you go on backpacking trips for three or more days?

What are you looking for when you go on a mountain trek?

Which dried fruit do you pack for the trip?

Which sun protection accessory have you splurged on?

Which American state would you like to live in?

Which souvenir would you pick for this trip?

Off the trail, what aspect of your life is most challenging by choice?

Which breakfast would you enjoy most on the trail?

What is your favorite post-trek meal?

What do you bring on the trail for down time at the campsite?

When camping, what do you like to sleep on?

Which ecosystem do you find most peaceful?

What would you do for an outdoor date?

Which tree would you want to plant in your front yard?

How frequently do you go on all-day hikes?

What is your favorite winter sport?

What music amps you up for a hike during the ride to a trailhead?

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About This Quiz

Climbing mountains is a favorite past time of many adventurers, whether they have done this for a few decades or are new to the cliffs. Take this quiz to discover which mountain you should tackle on your next adventure to new heights.

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