Which Movie American President Are You?

Mark Lichtenstein

Are you heroic?

Are you a coward?

Are you an impostor?

Are you used to dealing with existential crises?

Do people think you are someone other than who you really are?

Do you fear the alien?

Should you fear the alien?

Do think humanity is its own worst enemy?

Can the good guys prevail?

Aside from security, what is the purpose of government?

Should a nation be ruled by elites?

Can an everyman prevail?

How do you think America would react in a crisis?

How would you react in a crisis?

Could you handle being in personal danger?

Are you willing to sacrifice your power to do the right thing?

Are you well liked?

Are you liked for the wrong reasons?

Which of these real world U.S. Presidents do you admire?

Which of these real world leaders do you admire?

Which of these U.S. Senators do you admire?

What is the most important quality a U.S. President can have?

What is the biggest choice you think you could make without outside advice.

Where would you spend your vacations while acting as president?

What is your relationship with your spouse like?

What U.S. city sounds like the most fun to visit?

Which ally is your favorite?

What resource is worth killing for?

Would you make a good president?

Who would you pick as your V.P.?

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Image: Collage; James Dale, Tom Beck, Laura Roslin

About This Quiz

American presidents can be awful, okay, pretty good, or occasionally, amazing. In movies, they tend to stick with the extremes, but sometimes even a movie president meant to be great is actually pretty awful. Which one are you?

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