Which Movie Couple Are You and Your Significant Other?

Kennita Leon

Where did you meet?

How would you describe your relationship?

What word best describes your significant other?

What trait is most important in a successful relationship?

Do you fall in love easily?

What's your idea of a perfect date?

Which of these pet names would you call your significant other?

Do you both want children?

Do you want to get married?

Where do you see yourself in 25 years?

Which of these quotes about love is your favorite?

Which celebrity couple do you hope to emulate?

Which Disney couple best mirrors your relationship?

What do you argue about?

Which of these things would gross you out if your partner did it in front of you?

What would cause you to break up?

On a scale of 1 to 10, how important is affection?

Who helms the relationship?

How long have you been together?

Was it love at first sight?

How long did you know each other before dating?

What would you like to receive for Valentine’s Day?

Which of these countries would you travel to?

What kind of home would you get together?

What field of employment does your loved one work in?

Which of these colors reminds you of your significant other?

What movie genre do you enjoy watching the most?

Which of these movies would you prefer to watch?

Which TV show do you enjoy watching together?

Do you think that your relationship will last forever?

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Image: Walt Disney Pictures

About This Quiz

From tear-jerking breakups and steamy lovemaking scenes to whirlwind love affairs and crazy love triangles, some of the greatest relationships in our collective consciousness were between fictional characters. Not only do they keep us company when we're feeling lonely, but they also influence many of our relationships and our ideas of what real romance should look like.

For over a century, we have watched couples make outlandish gestures of love, go against the wishes of their family, and forsake everything they know just to be with their one true love.

Did you and your partner have an instant attraction like Anastasia Steele and Christian Grey from the "50 Shades of Grey" saga? Perhaps it was a slow burn like Tris and Four from the "Divergent" series. Maybe, your love was forbidden like Rose DeWitt and Jack Dawson from "Titanic" or Ennis Del Mar and Jack Twist from "Brokeback Mountain."

Find out how much your life imitates art by seeing which cinematic relationship looks like your own partnership. If you've ever thought your relationship was dramatic, perhaps it's because it's truly fit for the silver screen!

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