Quiz: Which Mustache Matches Your Personality?
Which Mustache Matches Your Personality?
By: Mark Lichtenstein
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About This Quiz

Mustaches are a time-honored tradition among men the world over. In some cultures, a mustache implies masculinity and authority. In others, it can connote a specific profession, like policeman, magician, or plumber. Choosing the right mustache is then not just a matter of comfort, but also one of culture.

Wearing a mustache is a commitment. It isn't just a matter of not shaving one's face. Mustaches need trimming and upkeep. Some of them require conditioner, while others require wax. Having a mustache is far more work than shaving. Deciding to grow one is not undertaken lightly.

Sometimes mustaches must also conform to dress codes. The New York Yankees allow no facial hair except for mustaches, and even then some styles are frowned on. A cop with a broom mustache is to be expected, but a police officer wearing a pencil mustache would be unnerving and would likely complicate the job. Some mustaches are easier to grow for certain kinds of beard stubble. Others are just always wrong no matter the context; the toothbrush mustache, for example, was ruined by Adolph Hitler.

So take this quiz and learn what manner of face fuzz is right for you. It's a big commitment, so go into it armed with all the information.

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