Quiz: Which Mustang Model Year Should You Own?
Which Mustang Model Year Should You Own?
By: Zoe Samuel
Image: WikiCommons by Don O'Brien

About This Quiz

The Ford Mustang is one of the most iconic cars of all time. It defined the muscle car, started the "pony car" trend, starred in numerous films, and decided many a drag race. The Mustang introduced the automotive industry to the idea of "optioning" a car with customized characteristics like flared wheel arches and special seats. Perhaps most remarkably, the original Mustangs (and some even today) are successful because they are made from parts used to make other mass market Ford cars: this means that making a Mustang is cheap and so is maintaining one. Cheapness means attainability, so the Mustang has spread far and wide, from working stiffs who can only afford the base model, to the super rich who can buy the most tricked out Mustangs with the biggest engines.

Every year, the Mustang gets a refresh, and occasionally it is redesigned. Today's Mustangs are more advanced the most sophisticated 1965 race cars that competed for attention with the first Mustangs. In between the Mustang's character has evolved with the times, creating a family of vehicles like no other.

Which model year is for you? A lot of thought goes into that, but we are ready to sort you out! Take this quiz to find out which model year Mustang you should own!

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