Quiz: Which Mystical Creature Are You?
Which Mystical Creature Are You?
By: Khadija Leon
Image: Youtube

About This Quiz

Take a break from the daily grind and find out what mystical creature you are! Far more interesting than putting in an extra hour at work, knowing your inner mystical creature can offer you a world full of escape from your nagging boss and your well-meaning but (let's be honest) boring coworkers. Besides, who doesn't want to know if they are really a unicorn? 

Mythical creatures have captured our imaginations since the dawn of time. Often reported by groggy sailors or battle-weary warriors, creatures of the sea and the woods come with legends and with secrets. Knowing what sort of secrets and magical notions you possess will make it easy for us to see which mythical creature you turn into after you clock out for the day. Then, you are free to spend your evenings fluttering around like a fairy - if that's what your heart desires!

Once we feel like we've peered into your most personal thoughts, we'll share it with you. You won't need a treasure map or a crypto-zoologist to assist you with the quiz, but you might want to minimize this in a hurry if the nosy accountant walks by. Your mythical creature results are for your eyes only. She would never get it! 

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