Quiz: Which Mythical Creature Guards You?
Which Mythical Creature Guards You?
By: Teresa M.
Image: Youtube

About This Quiz

While the more basic amongst us can be easily guarded by an angel or tempted by a devil on their shoulder, some of us are more special. Some of us need a little extra guidance and must be guarded by a majestic mythical creature! If angels and devils have never done it for you, it's time you get in touch with your inner mythical guardian. 

Throughout our mythical creature guardian quiz, we will need to peer as deeply into your soul as a mermaid dives to disappear. We will need to find out if your personality is as fiery as a dragon or as regal as a unicorn. We might touch on your knowledge of mythology a little, but it's easier to find your mythical guardian by comparing your personality traits. 

Knowing which mythical guardian has your back can change your life! Instead of measuring the rights and wrongs in life, learning to trust your mythical creature will put you in touch with your ferocious instincts and with your ability to lure others into your grand plan. You will develop the skills to you need to become a legend in your own right! 

Answer our questions, and enter a brand new world. Which mythical guardian will take you to the next level? Isn't it time you found out? 

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