Quiz: Which Mythological Greek Couple Are You and Your Significant Other Like?
Which Mythological Greek Couple Are You and Your Significant Other Like?
By: Kennita Leon
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About This Quiz

With dramatic entrances and dirty jokes, the Greeks knew how to tell a story, and the stories they told best were the alluring love stories of unrequited love and unbridled devotion. The tales that have stood the test of time are the ones of love and passion, romance, and mystery. 

Love stories have enchanted audiences since before the days of the Ancient Greeks, and even today their stories run rampantly through the minds of our storytellers. Modern adaptions of Greek legends are woven into the stories of television, movies, books, and music. Every industry falls head over heels in love with the romantic legends, time and time again. With twists of ex-lovers and gifts of godly powers, the legends fascinate everyone with a pulse. With these captivating stories, you are sure to wonder if your own love story is one that would be written the stars! 

So which romantic Greek story matches you and your beloved best? The Greek myths often tell of great beauties and deep desires; you and your lover are sure to compare! With desire in your heart and love on your mind, take this quiz to find out which Mythological Greek Couple you and your paramour mirror today!

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