Quiz: Which "Naruto" character are you?
Which "Naruto" character are you?
By: Amanda M.

About This Quiz

"Naruto" is a Japanese manga series turned TV show chronicling the adventures of a teenager by the name of Naruto and his friends. On Naruto's journey to become a Hokage warrior, he encounters different people and creatures. The question is - which of those people or creatures are you? The only way to find out is by taking this quiz!

Are you the star of the show, Naruto? He is wild, spontaneous, gets easily annoyed, but is also extremely loyal to his friends. Although he has a dark side, he is generally a good-natured and fun person. Or are you the nurturer that is Sakura? She is a great friend who loves looking after and taking care of others. 

What about Sasuke? He doesn't talk or fuss much and has some issues with his past, but he is extremely intelligent and a talented fighter. Maybe you're really Gaara? He isn't the most sensitive character, nor does he talk about his feelings, but no one ever messes with him!

If you're curious to find out which of this hit anime's characters you are, have a go at this quiz! By the time you're done, you should be able to do at least three ninja moves. 

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