Quiz: Which Natural Disaster Describes Your Last Breakup?
Which Natural Disaster Describes Your Last Breakup?
By: Steven Miller
Image: Shutterstock

About This Quiz

We all that the one friend that can break up with such grace and dignity it makes us feel ashamed of ourselves. Most of us do not get that lucky! Describe your last relationship from beginning to the beginning of the end, and we'll let you know which natural disaster your last breakup was most like. 

Whether your relationship dried and and withered like a drought, or a monsoon came in an flooded your love away, we'll share in your pain, your mortification, and your resolve to get back on your feet and back out there. Humans are survivors and we never let a good natural disaster keep us down. We rise up, we rebuild, and we move on! We are passionate about surviving the natural disaster of our last breakups.

Telling us what you went through will help us assign your last breakup an official disaster status! We can't call in the assistance of the National Guard to help you clean up the mess, but we might give you a new way to refer to it when you're out drinking with your friends. Can you tell them you've survived an earthquake, made it through a hurricane, or outrun a mudslide? Let's find out! 

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