Quiz: Which NCIS team member are you?
Which NCIS team member are you?
By: Artimis Charvet

About This Quiz

NCIS is one those shows that TV producers hope to make; it's successful, it has the potential to go on forever, and spin-off shows are a plot away. This show, which first aired in 2003, now has almost 350 episodes and is still going strong. It has spin-offs in the cities of Los Angeles and New Orleans and is the second longest-running (non-animated) TV show in the United States. So there has to be something that the people love that allows the show to be brought back season after season, and one of those things is their characters. If you were to be placed on the show for a season, who would you be? 

Are you Ziva? She is a strong woman who has gone through a lot- so she has no problem kicking butt and taking names. Are you Abby? She's basically a genius who gets along well with her machines and humans. Maybe you're Anthony. You can alternate between being charming and childish and also being deep (but that's only for special occasions). Or are you Tim? He's the funnyman who keeps everything and everyone else from falling apart. 

If you're ready to become a criminal investigator (albeit a fictional one), take this quiz to find out who you are! 

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