Which NFL Legend Are You?

Raj Chander

Your group project at school or work fails to meet its objective. What is your response?

What is your dream car?

Which of the below describes your perfect Saturday night?

What are your ideal characteristics in a spouse?

What is your perfect date night?

Which of the below describes your ideal club outfit?

Which of the songs below best describes you?

Which is your ideal party?

What kind of college did you attend?

What’s your ideal vacation spot?

Which genre of music is your favorite?

What’s your favorite movie?

Are you religious?

What kind of charity do you donate to?

What describes most of your social media posts?

What would fans of your NFL team appreciate most about you?

As a football player, which would be your best skill?

Who is your favorite actor?

Which touchdown celebration is most in line with your personality?

What’s your take on trash talk during a game?

Is it important to stay with one team or company for your entire career?

Which breed of dog would you choose for a pet?

Which piece of jewelry would you wear?

What’s the most important lesson you would teach your child?

If you didn’t play football, what sport would you play?

What’s your favorite style of dance?

Which of the below NFL teams do you like the most?

Which NFL coach would you most like to play under?

How would you handle the media?

What’s your favorite meal?

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Image: Wiki Commons by Jauerback

About This Quiz

They're some of the strongest, fastest, and most athletic people in the world. But throughout the NFL's history, many players have been known just as much for their colorful personalities as their physical prowess on the turf. There was "Broadway" Joe Namath, who boldly guaranteed a win for his Jets squad before Super Bowl III - and ended up right. Other players are known for their antics after sundown. Guys like Rob Gronkowski, Odell Beckham, Jr. and Reggie Bush are as likely to show up on TMZ as ESPN. Wide receiver Plaxico Burress once brought a loaded gun into a nightclub - he had a blast that night, but not the way he was expecting.

Of course, football players do much more than just party and play sports. Many have a charitable side and use their stature for good. Houston Texans' defensive end JJ Watt raised over $40 million through his foundation in 2017, to help aid the city's recovery from the devastating Hurricane Harvey. Quarterbacks Tom Brady, Drew Brees, and Eli Manning are three more on the list of the game's most generous. But the real question is, which NFL player's collection of personality traits matches up best with yours? Time to find out!

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