Which Noble Animal Is Your Inner Princess?

Zoe Samuel

What's your signature attention-getting move?

How do you enter a room?

How should a potential prince pique your interest?

What princess dress code will you always observe?

How will you handle being in the glare of the media?

How will you announce your choice of husband?

How many children would you like to have?

Do you intend to inherit the throne?

Will you exert influence behind the scenes, or stay out of politics?

In your capacity as a princess, what will scare you most?

What sort of royal fan are you most likely to attract?

Which of your activities will people obsess over the most?

What's your calling card when it comes to moving around a space?

What degree will you get to help you be a better princess?

At dinner, what drink do you usually have?

How often will you do walkabouts to meet ordinary people?

Where will you go on your first international goodwill tour?

How would you physically dominate another person without touching them?

What sort of rumors will leak to the tabloids about you?

What will you sacrifice most readily for your people?

What sort of charitable event will you do most often?

Princesses must be philanthropists. What area do you focus on most?

What royal etiquette rule is made to be broken?

Which part of the princess dress code is the best part?

Which ordinary errand will you do as a princess to make sure you stay in touch?

The Queen says it all through clothes and gifts. What sneaky method will you use to convey public messages without having to break etiquette?

What princessy sport do you play?

What sort of royal palace will you live in?

In what social situation do you feel most comfortable?

It's time for the state dinner. What statement jewelry are you wearing?

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About This Quiz

Being a princess may not involve having as much power as was the case back in medieval times — for example, you certainly can't get anyone's head cut off these days. Still, there are plenty of expectations on a modern princess. You have to be a diplomat who represents your country to others. You have to be a philanthropist with a deep understanding of a number of issues. You have to be dignified and poised and never make your country look bad. You have to be apolitical.

These are difficult challenges, which means that support and role models are all the more important. Where better to find them than among the one group on our planet who never get political and say dumb things in public — animals? There are all sorts of animals who have much to offer when it comes to how to be a powerful or public figure. Male seahorses are benevolent and involved fathers. Snakes know how not to react unless it's really necessary, and then come down hard on an offender. Horses are pure grace and beauty, 24 hours a day.

Where does your inner princess find their animal inspiration? Let's find out!

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