Quiz: Which Nocturnal Creature Are You?
Which Nocturnal Creature Are You?
By: Teresa McGlothlin
Image: Daniel Hernanz Ramos/Moment/Getty Images

About This Quiz

If you are anything like the writers around here, you are probably taking this quiz somewhere around 3 a.m. Not all of us were born to be early birds. In fact, humans are simply animals, and some animals are nocturnal. It only makes sense that human beings could favor the night hours, too. 

Truly nocturnal people are the type of people who become annoyed at the lack of eating options in the middle of the night. Instead of healthy eating places staying open all night, you are left with the options of a clever raccoon living near a fast food dumpster. Or, in your case, a drive-thru window.

After we get to know you and your traits, your love of animals, and the things you do during the night, we will be able to pair you with your very own nocturnal animal. It will be the animal that you behave most like underneath all of your human conditioning. From here on out, you can consider it your animal twin.

Now's your chance to see yourself in your truly natural state. Which nocturnal creature are you like at heart? Only the darkness and our quiz know for sure!

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