Which Norse Weapon Should You Wield?

Zoe Samuel

How much do you like to get your hands dirty?

How useful is your "everyday carry"?

What is your favorite sport?

Are you a good judge of people?

How good is your depth perception?

Do you mind backing people into a corner, and then forcing them to make a hard choice?

How important is camaraderie to you?

What is the most important resource in battle?

Do you consider yourself particularly elite?

What's the most valuable thing you might take back from a Viking raid?

What country are you most likely to invade?

What would you do on a Viking ship?

How much are you involved in politics?

How steady are your hands?

How strong is your back?

How quick are you on your feet?

How good of a leader are you?

How would you fare going toe to toe with someone in a fight?

How strong is your stomach?

How much gear can you carry?

Do you feel a strong connection to the gods?

How good are you at making things?

How are your carpentry skills?

How likely are future generations to sing songs about your Viking exploits?

What would your Viking nickname be?

What portrayal of Vikings appeals to you the most?

What culture do you feel produced warriors most like the Vikings?

What modern weapon of war do you think is the coolest?

What branch of the American military would you volunteer for?

Would you rather be a member of the Vikings or of the cultures they plundered?

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About This Quiz

In the time of the Vikings, Scandinavia was not a very nice place to live. Sure, it had views and fish, but it didn't have a lot of good farmland. The Norse developed a peculiar lifestyle to compensate for their lack of local resources. This lifestyle involved training young men to navigate the rivers, lakes, and seas in and around Europe, and to fight. This fighting wasn't just so they could confront armed military retainers when they landed in a well-armed fiefdom, it was so the Norse could kill unarmed Christian monks, and villages of helpless peasants, including women, children, and old people.

Viking weaponry was, from a design perspective, unsentimental and straightforward. Only with many years of use, and stories of Viking heroes, would Viking weaponry attain legendary status. Some weapons we associate with the Vikings, such as hammers, weren't actually either favored or invented by the Vikings. The god Thor may have had a hammer, but the warhammer was a very different object and did not have origins in the north. Some Viking weaponry was a sign of social status, because steel weaponry was expensive to make, while some other weapons took tremendous, specialized skill to use well.

Let's go viking (raiding) together! Answer some questions for us, and we'll tell you which Norse weapon you should wield!

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