Which Odd Superpower Should You Have?

Zoe Samuel

How would you describe your style of dress?

What relaxing pastime do you enjoy the most?

Where would you love to visit on vacation?

What person or persons in your life intimidates you the most?

What real world cause would you embrace as a part of being a superhero?

What symbol would you choose if you were a superhero?

How would you handle religious people thinking you were some kind of demigod?

What part of the world have you always wanted to visit in person?

At which sport did you excel as a youth?

What type of person do you view with suspicion?

What would be your superhero weakness?

If you had to order a superhero costume, what would you pick as its primary color?

In which subject did you get the best grades?

When presented with a lobster, which bit do you eat first?

What does an influential adult in your life do for a living?

From what do you derive your sense of identity?

Which superhero do you admire the most?

Dig in! What's your favorite food?

Which supervillain do you secretly think of as a misunderstood superhero?

How well do you take care of your health?

Which comic book publisher has your favorite titles?

What item have you done the most collecting in your lifetime?

Which of these video games do you like the most?

What industry would you never step foot in?

How long do you wait for an elevator to show up before you just take the stairs?

What is your deepest, darkest fear?

What conventional RPG is your game of choice?

Where were you born?

How religious are you?

How close have you come to working in proximity to a mad scientist?

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Image: Felix Barjou Photography / Moment / Getty Images

About This Quiz

Some superpowers get all the attention. Superman can fly. Okay, cool, but so can Iron-Man, The Vision, and Quasar. Some powers seem really useful and cool, like super strength. After all, who wouldn't like to show off at the gym?

However, some powers are gloriously odd, and those are the ones we will focus on today. Some odd superpowers are unusual but useful, like Spider-Man's "spider sense", or the X-Man Bishop's ability to absorb energy and turn it into a weapon. Some superpowers seem to cross the line into non-powers, but remain impressive, like the Punisher's seemingly superhuman ability to tolerate pain, or the instinctual understanding of people granted to Adam Warlock due to his years spent in the world of the soul gem, but retained by him even when he's not in contact with the soul gem.

Often, superpowers are tied to their owner in a way. An insensitive superhero might have the ability to read the minds of others. An insecure teenager might transform into a musclebound monster. A scientist who only wants to be able to explore outer space might shrink so much that the only place to explore is the universe of subatomic particles. What sort of protagonist are you? Do you think you know what odd superpower is right for you? Take this quiz, and we will tell you!

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