Which of Your Core Chakras Are Blocked?

Marie Hullett

In "All's Well That Ends Well," William Shakespeare wrote, "Love all, trust a few, do wrong to none." So, do you consider yourself a trustworthy person?

Let's say that you committed to go to dinner with some new acquaintances on Friday. How likely are you to follow through?

So, you go to the dinner, and there's a really heated debate going on. Will you weigh in?

While chatting around the table, one of your fellow dinner guests brings up a traumatic experience. How empathetic do you feel?

Oh, no. You're stuck in traffic on your way to work before an important presentation, and you're going to be late. Be honest: How do you react?

Everyone's heart starts racing sometimes. Which one of these scenarios sounds the most intimidating to you?

Let's play a game! Which of these can you totally dominate at?

Conflict is inevitable in this life. When you experience a problem with someone, how comfortable do you feel addressing it?

Just like Bill Withers says, "We all need somebody to lean on." Do others ever go to you for support?

Since no one can do it all, we must keep our priorities in line. What's most important to you right now?

Good friends know your downfalls and love you anyway. Which one of these words might your loved ones use to describe you?

Speaking of friendships, every relationship could use a little improvement. What do you think you and your loved ones could work on?

Would you say that you rule more with your heart or your head?

It's possible to accept what you have while also striving for more. Do you feel like any of these are missing from your life?

Some people read their scripture of choice religiously; others prefer to take a more spiritual route. How about you?

Everyone feels a little down sometimes. What do you do when you feel blue?

On a scale of 1 to 4, with 4 being the most open, how open do you feel to a new friendship or love interest right now?

Let's talk about what's on your plate. How do you feel about your to-do list right now?

Sometimes, little messages seem to arise from nowhere in our heads. Would you say that you listen to your intuition?

Everyone has secrets. The question is: What do you do with yours?

It's time for you to catch some Z's. What's your sleep quality like?

Maybe you don't know the true color of your aura, but which of these hues speaks to you the most?

Let's pretend that you want to pick up a new hobby. How comfortable are you with new experiences?

You should always tell your doctor when you notice any physical changes. Do you experience any of these issues?

It's normal to have some insecurities, but too many can hold you back. Where could your self-esteem use a boost?

Remember, you're awesome! What's one awesome thing about you?

Would you say that you feel in control of your life?

Let's talk about love. Why did your last relationship come to a close?

Speaking of love, do you believe in soul mates?

OK, humans aren't going to be able to grow wings and fly or sprint at 40 mph any time soon. Still, which one of these animals do you wish you were more like?

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Image: Wiki Commons by Immanuel Giel

About This Quiz

Chakras consist of seven core focal points in the "subtle body," or the physical entity that a psycho-spiritual being inhabits. They are used in various ancient meditative practices, particularly in that of Hinduism and Buddhism. Although these points exist in the physical body, followers of these traditions believe they interact with the mental and spiritual realm. 

The term chakra stems from the Sanskrit root word चक्र, which means something akin to "wheel," "cycle" or "circle." In Hinduism, the core chakras include the root chakra (muladhara), the sacral chakra (swadhisthana), the solar plexus chakra (manipura), the heart chakra (anahata), the throat chakra (vishudda), the third eye chakra (ajna) and the crown chakra (sahasrara). Located along the spine, each one embodies an energy center associated with distinct colors, symbolism and Hindu gods. Hindus call the continuous flow of energy between each point "shakti." Over time, this energy becomes entrapped near the spine. Only by unleashing "Kundalini," or the divine energy coiled at the base of the spine through meditation, can one attain a heightened level of consciousness. 

Meanwhile, blockages in these channels may provoke mental distress, spiritual issues or health problems related to the nervous system, organs or glands in the body. Since many people in modern society suffer from such impediments, it may be time to discover what ails you. Answer the following questions to determine which one of your chakras begs to be freed. 

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