Quiz: Which One Personality Trait Makes Men Most Attracted to You?
Which One Personality Trait Makes Men Most Attracted to You?
By: Zoe Samuel
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Men! Sometimes they get on our nerves, but other times they are complete darlings. What they don't understand (at least most of them) is that the little things that they do go a long way. Whether it be them complimenting us on our outfits, them telling us how smart we are or how great our personality is, an itty bitty, less-than-a-minute-long saying does a lot for us women. Of course, the compliment we receive will depend on that one thing about us that the opposite sex just cannot get enough of. So, what is it about you?

Do men find your humor appealing? Because let's face it, long after the looks have faded, you'll still have that slick mouth of yours to make him laugh and keep him entertained. Or do they admire your compassion? Today, it seems like everyone is out for themselves, and kindness is not something to take for granted. Is it your integrity? In a time where lying, cheating and stealing gets you to the top, it's quite refreshing to have someone as honest as you. Or is it your intelligence? Some men just find a woman with her nose in a book ridiculously sexy! 

If you're dying or pretty close to it, to find out the one thing, or many things about you that men find sexiest, most adorable and downright irresistible about you, take this quiz. You may even be surprised at what it is! 

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